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Smokey Black Beans with Wilted Greens and Polenta Dumplings

This is my current favourite, ‘desert island’ dinner. It used to be a fast and lightly cooked vegetable couscous with harissa sauce to pour over, but this has capped it … Continue reading

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Stadt aus Glas

The apex of that summer of 1990 had been the making of Rüdiger Schöttle’s ‘Stadt Aus Glas’, the small houses for which were made by local glass craftsmen. They were … Continue reading

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The Vertical Earth Kilometer

It was saddening to hear last month of the end of Walter de Maria. He was visiting his 100 year old mum in California, he being a mere strip of … Continue reading

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A Bewley’s Coffee Cup

I was staying with German friends in Kerry when Claudio told me that he collected espresso cups, and had quite a sizeable collection of them. He wondered if there might … Continue reading

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Used Art Dealer

I notice that Steptoe Brother or Del-Boy of the art scene is shelling-off some of his ill-considered wares at a Christie’s auction in October, at the time of course of … Continue reading

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Ian Finlay at Arnolfini

At last someone has managed to put on a Finlay show that might do the work some justice. There has been so much dithering around, so much lack of insight … Continue reading

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From Sylvia Beach to Walter Benjamin

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